Monthly Archives: June 2015

Renewable Energy from Evaporation!

Understanding this research coming out of Columbia University, might make your mind explode. The implications of this are potentially far-reaching, but the research is still in an early stage and just beginning to get public attention. It doesn’t even have … Continue reading

GE ecoROTR Gives Interesting Aesthetic Shift to Wind Farms

In Tehachapi California a new experiment in wind power is being tested. GE is applying a large dome at the rotor hub of three-blade horizontal axis wind turbines. The 60 ft. diameter space frame attachment channels the wind to the … Continue reading

“Airway” El Paso, TX

Airway by Artist Vicki Scuri Image from Forecast Public Art © Vicki Scuri We were awed yesterday on our way through El Paso, Texas yesterday when we drove through this dynamic piece that frames the I-10 corridor near the airport. … Continue reading