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Aesthetic Pushback

Another story appeared yesterday, this time about large solar installations in the desert landscape of the American Southwest. “Solar energy has caused a lot of consternation within the environmental community because 10 years ago, probably every person who said they … Continue reading


Drzach & Suchy have designed the most perfect decorative fusion between art and solar energy collection. Solar modules are attached to a South-facing building facade at their side edge so that they cast a shadow below. They are arranged as … Continue reading

RAFAA’s Solar City Tower

This solar power installation design by RAFAA Architecture and Design with built-in pumped water energy storage is able to regulate its energy capacity by siphoning off excess electricity to pump water into a holding tower. Then, as the sun is … Continue reading

Tobacco Virus Provides Natural Solar Electricity

Matt Francis and his research colleagues at The University of California at Berkley have engineered a tobacco plant virus that has evolved to created electrical energy from solar radiation. When injected with an engineered virus, tobacco plants are forced to … Continue reading

Flywheel Storage is Here

Beacon Power Corporation has just completed the first installation of its technology at a wind farm in Tehachapi, California. The system will provide frequency regulation for the energy that is produced by the wind so that it is modulated for … Continue reading


Could be the near future for offshore wind turbines? SWAY turbines are as large as 10MW (so far) each and they pivot to follow the wind direction. This movement ability with the wind allows the blades to be larger (less … Continue reading

Solar Grid Parity

We are getting closer from the standpoint of the commercial marketplace. I’d guess that we are already there if you factor in “hidden” externalized costs like pollution, subsidization of land use, and the irreversible destruction of ecological systems. This graphic … Continue reading


via inhabitat: A new wind technology using wind belts rather than rotating turbines promises exciting prospects for aesthetic installations. I could see the adaptation of this idea for a LAGI installation. Modules of Humdinger energy producing armatures as the medium … Continue reading

10MW Tower

The 10MW tower is designed to be as much an aesthetic renewable energy power plant as it is a habitable skyscraper. The tower creates energy through the three systems—a 5MW horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT), a 3MW concentrated solar power … Continue reading

Solar Ballerinas!

This is a great performance concept and a very interesting and beautiful intersecting of art and technology. Performances with Electroacoustic Clothes (pdf link) Benoît Maubrey is the director of DIE AUDIO GRUPPE a Berlin-based art group that build and perform … Continue reading

SF Bay Bridge = Work of Renewable Energy Art?

We at the Land Art Generator Initiative are big fans of John King’s idea for the old span of the Bay Bridge. His opinion article in yesterday’s SF Chronicle lays out scenarios for wind turbines and PV panels on the … Continue reading


Goumbook has launched officially today! Change from a consumer into a congoumer! Goumbook is the place to go to source every sort of eco-friendly product in the Middle East.