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Counter-Rotating-Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator

Or the CR5. It takes CO2 and converts it to a liquid hydrocarbon fuel that will burn in any petroleum engine by using the power of sunlight to add heat to a chemical process that strips away one oxygen molecule, … Continue reading


Sustainable Neighborhood Auxiliary Power download full report here The year is 2018 and recent legislative measures and the finishing of the smart grid infrastructure have made it possible for renewable energy companies to compete fairly with nonrenewables in the marketplace. … Continue reading

Energy Conservation Tax Policy

Today in the United States, there is no real incentive for conservation other than the collective moral imperative which undoubtedly falls short. What this exercise is meant to show is that we need to have more creative thinking behind how … Continue reading

Surface Area Required to Offset Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Reforestation Alone

click on image for larger size. Click here to download a full resolution pdf What the graphic shows clearly is that planting trees to offset emissions is far from a viable solution. Projects that offset carbon emissions are certainly beneficial … Continue reading

A ton of CO2

Yes it is a gas but it still has weight. Via Energy Race we can see the work of Dave Ames, from Cohasset, Massachusetts (photo via). He and his students constructed a large cubic volume (27m on a side) that … Continue reading

Perpetual Motion by David Prince

via Ecoart Blog. A beautifully crafted and humorous piece that stimulates ideas of the potential energy inherent in our everyday machines. Of course this works off of the idea of embodied energy in the last post. It is fascinating that … Continue reading


Via ecoartspace on facebook, I came across the Emergy project by Maria Michails (TreiaStudios). From the project website: Emergy is an interactive installation art project bridging sculpture, performance, media arts, architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering. At the nucleus of the … Continue reading

The state of solar power technology

There have been some detractors to the idea that we can fuel the world entirely with solar energy by 2030. It seems to me from the numbers that this is possible and it’s important that we all recognize that it … Continue reading