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The Era of Fossil Fuels

click on the image above to explore make sure you zoom in deep to see the detail The piece is meant to provide a context for the age of fossil fuels and question our ability to adapt to a post-fossil … Continue reading

The 19th Century Solar Engines of Augustin Mouchot, Abel Pifre, and John Ericsson

Augustin Mouchot’s Solar Concentrator, 1869. (source) The history of renewable energy is fascinating. We posted a while back about early efforts to harness the power of waves. You may also be interested to learn more about the 19th century work … Continue reading

Turn of the Century Wave Energy Patents

I found links to these patent drawings on Inventing Green. What is fascinating and relevant to a study of aesthetic infrastructure is that there are so many ways to harness a natural source of energy such as the ocean’s waves. … Continue reading