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The Vision Behind the Land Art Generator Initiative
A video interview with Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry

“The Land Art Generator Initiative has formulated an approach to design thinking that intrigued us since the moment we first found out about them. We wanted to know more about their vision and mission, so we asked them for an in-person interview. This video will take you behind the scenes with Elizabeth and Robert as they give us insight into their work from the development of the initiative to the implementation of actual projects.”

The Vision Behind the Land Art Generator Initiative from Forecast Public Art on Vimeo.

Claus Hovmøller Jensen, Plan & Rental Manager at Refshaleøen from Land Art Generator Initiative on Vimeo.

We are thrilled that Refshaleøen is the LAGI 2014 competition design site in Copenhagen! Here is Claus Hovmøller Jensen talking about the site.

Video by Deborah Hosking

Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner of Climate Action speaking on the importance of creative input towards sustainable development solutions in the context of LAGI 2014.

Video by Deborah Hosking

Nille Juul-Sørensen, CEO Danish Design Centre talks about how creatives everywhere are breaking deconstructing preconceived notions of professional and academic disciplines in the context of engaging design.

“I think the Land Art Generator Initiative is a cool thing, because there’s this problem… how do we connect with people—how do we connect with Mr. and Mrs. Jones or Smith—and make them believe in what we are doing?

And I think art and technology are melting together—they will convey into each other. When are you an artist? When are you a techie? When are you? …All these boxes that I was brought up with will disappear, and you’ll just be a person floating around.

And I see the Land Art Generator Initiative as asking how can we make statements which are maybe art, maybe technology, but they’re for sure engaging people.”

-Nille Juul-Sørensen, CEO Danish Design Centre

Video by Deborah Hosking

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