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How to Fold your Solar Panels – Origami Increases Productivity

Credit: Jeffrey Grossman et al.: In these computer simulated images of 3-D solar panels the one on the left has 64 flat, triangular, double-sided panels, the one on the right is a simplified version. This is an interesting article from … Continue reading

Bloom Energy: Be the Solution

I read with fascination this morning on Gizmag about a 60 Minutes episode that aired this week about the Bloom Energy system. Set to be unveiled later today, the Bloom Box has the potential to be a game-changing device for … Continue reading

100x Less Silicone for New Type of Flexible Photovoltaics

Professor Harry Atwater from California Institute of Technology has announced a new process for manufacturing thin flexible sheets of solar power material with 100 times less silicone per KW for the same surface area. Published in the latest edition of … Continue reading

Antony Gormley writing for The Guardian

A beautifully written piece from over the weekend in the Guardian. link The artist Antony Gormley asks the question that all artists should be asking themselves. What now is the purpose of art in our contemporary world? What can the … Continue reading

Not All Bad in Dubai…

We really like this post from the Infrastructurist blog:


At the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology they are doing some amazing work. Ideally, their “Next Generation High-Efficiency Solar Power Systems for Building Envelopes” (image on left) will require a double-skin building envelope.

The Clean List

How to harness natural energy and not pollute? Here is a list of the types that I can find: Biomass Anaerobic Digesters Biodiesel Waste To Energy Biomass Gasification Waste to Fuel Microbial Fuel Cells Biogasse Piezoelectric Inductive Coil Thin Film … Continue reading

Vibration Energy to Electricity

The latest advance in piezoelectric technology sees an 80% conversion efficiency for converting pressure and momentum energy into electricity. Researchers at Princeton University have created rubber sheets that have the capacity to sustainably run small electronic devices (portable gadgets…pacemakers) with … Continue reading

DSSC: Synthetic Photosynthesis

A New York Times article from Jan 30 explains the technology by G24 Innovations that brings a flexible, dye-based, solar energy system (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells or DSSC) to various new products this year such as e-book readers and sport bags. … Continue reading