Monthly Archives: December 2009

Solar Artworks Research Project

“Dancing Solar Forget-Me-Not” realised by the artist Dang in the Serres Royales of Laeken (Brussels; Belgium) in 2009 Nacho Zamora at the Polytechnic University of Valencia is doing research into the history of renewable energy art work. He keeps the … Continue reading

Let’s not argue about whether the AC is broken while the foundation is sinking and the roof is falling in.

On the occasion of COP15 and the renewed debate that has unfortunately spawned from the University of East Anglia email leak, it is important to take a step back and reflect on what is really important. The facts about climate … Continue reading

Solar Powered Camels Carry Medicines to Remote Desert Areas

via inhabitat What a great idea for medicines and vaccines that require refrigeration. According to the article, the number of people that this could help is in the range of 300,000.