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kinetic energy harvesting
kinetic energy harvesting
There are many different ways that kinetic energy (natural or man-made) can be harvested and converted to electrical energy.

A piezoelectric generator converts mechanical strain into electrical energy. They are commonly used in wristwatches that do not require batteries or winding. And they can be inserted into shoes or in walkways to harvest the energy of walking or jumping.

Ambient radiation from radio transmitters could potentially be collected and converted into useable electricity.

The pyroelectric effect converts temperature change into electric current.

Thermoelectrics was discussed in the Solar section as it referred to the use of the device to harness heat energy that is generated by the sun. But other applications of the technology could be used to harvest heat energy from human activities that is otherwise lost (effectively increasing efficiencies of systems).

Electrostatic devices can harvest vibration energy and convert it into electricity. One example is the regenerative shock absorber that is planned for use in electric vehicles.

Microharvesting: there are various technologies that are in use that harvest energy from blood sugar and tree sugars for conversion into electricity to power very small biological devices and monitoring equipment. Other advanced technologies include electroactive polymers, nanogenerators, and noise harvesting devices.