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Now that you know some basics about art, science and sustainable technology, you are ready to design your own renewable energy artwork. To the left you will find links to documentation about a selected site. All you need is your imagination and some paper or computer!

This section of the website is purely educational and has no relationship to the LAGI design competition.

For more information on the competition, please see this link:

Here we've given you the documentation pertaining to what was the most popular site from the 2010 LAGI competition. There are high resolution photos that you can place your design into, videos of the site to inspire you, and a CAD drawing with topography. For those of you without CAD software, the PDF site plan provides the very same information.

The idea with this educational section of the website is to provide people with an opportunity to submit ideas outside of the context of the biennial competition. You can feel free to be unlimited in your creativity here, unbounded by the pragmatic requirements of the more formal and judged submissions.

Illustrate your design in one image file and upload it in the next and final READ section 6. There are no restrictions on the dimensions, resolution, orientation, or file type of the image file. Please keep the file size below 7 megabytes, however.

Collectively we can create change. Through simple acts, we can influence public opinion and convince the world that sustainability is not just about resources, but also about social harmony. Let's imagine and design a sustainable future.

Below is some more information that will assist you in working through your designs.

Solar Information
Wind Data
Tidal Data
Terrestrial Environment
Marine & Coastal Environment

Salinity Data:
USE 40% (parts per thousand) as the value for design.
Design Your Own Energy Generating Artwork