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LAGI 2010
Dubai/Abu Dhabi

LAGI 2012
NYC Freshkills Park

LAGI 2014

LAGI 2016
Santa Monica

LAGI Portfolio of
Competition Submissions


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The Land Art Generator provides a platform for innovative ways of thinking about what renewable energy generation looks like and how it relates to the overall fabric of our constructed and natural environments.


It calls on interdisciplinary teams to conceive of large scale site-specific artworks that provide renewable electricity to the city at a utility-scale (equivalent to the demand of hundreds or even thousands of homes). Once constructed, these public infrastructure artworks will offset thousands of tons of CO2 and provide iconic amenities that will serve to educate and inspire the communities in which they are built.


Nearly 1,000 teams—thousands of individuals—from across the globe have participated in the competitions.

Our thanks goes out to all of them!