Community Workshops

Land Art Generator Community Workshops

LAGI directors work with stakeholders of communities to assess interest, needs, and develop design ideas for integrating renewable energy or other sustainable infrastructure into the city. The workshops aim to change the way that people think about renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and hydro. LAGI introduces participants to the idea of using new technologies as the media for public art and creative placemaking and facilitate the generation of site-specific sketches that are informed by the unique context and strategic plans of the city. Following the workshops LAGI continues to work with local partners to build support towards implementation.

Participants (all ages)
Neighborhood residents, stakeholders, designers, artists, solar installers, architects, students, landscape architects, educators, university partners, developers, municipal government representatives, etc.

Post Workshop

  • Photos and sketches from the day compiled by LAGI in a PDF booklet of workshop outcomes.
  • LAGI can work with partners on an exhibition of outcomes.
  • LAGI will continue working with partners towards implementation of an energy generating artwork if there is interest.

If you would like to bring a Land Art Generator workshop to your community please contact Elizabeth and Robert at

Download the PDF brochure that documents this workshop  >
Land Art Generator Community Workshop

April 6, 2017, San Antonio, Texas

Download the PDF brochure that documents this workshop  >
The Village of Arts and Humanities, in partnership with Temple University, invited the Land Art Generator to work with community residents, students, and stakeholders to explore the creation of a solar tapestry mural in North Philadelphia that would provide power to a local public space. Cover artwork by participant Connor McCabe

Download the PDF brochure that documents this workshop  >
The Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) at Eastern Connecticut State University and the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Office of the Arts hosted the Land Art Generator for a workshop in Willimantic.