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SOCIAL PRACTICE ART includes a wide variety of methodologies, strategies and techniques in which social interaction and exchange are the means for the artwork. Social practice art may involve community-based practice, performative aspects, guerilla art, interactive media and social activism. Media such as video, sound, sculpture, performance, and text are often incorporated. Collaboration between artists and individuals from non-art backgrounds, especially those who are part of the intended audience, is an integral aspect of social practice art.
Eve Mosher
Combat Paper Project

Joseph Beuys
Fallen Fruit
Harrell Fletcher
Conflict Kitchen

eve mosher
eve mosher
Eve Mosher is a contemporary American artist who creates large-scale projects that directly engage the audience regarding ecological issues. In her project Seeding the City, Mosher used social networking and community-based workshops to encourage New York City residents to start small green roofs. By installing green roof modules and displaying green flags, participants demonstrated the potential for community action and green space. In another recent project Paths of Desire, Mosher encouraged New Yorkers to connect with historic waterways and consider their relationship to the water surrounding Manhattan.

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