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RENEWABLE ENERGY ART is a fairly new genre that either incorporates renewable energy into the design of the artwork, or utilizes renewable energy to operate kinetic aspects of the artwork. LAGI's approach is a direct response to global climate change and aims to make an explicit intervention at a functional level without compromising aesthetics.

Drzach & Suchy
Charles Quick
Ray & Charles Eames

charles quick
charles quick
Charles Quick has over 30 years experience in contemporary art in public places. His practice often includes works that "interfere with the electrical infrastructure of the environment." His project for the Hebburn Riverside Park took the form of 12 x 8 metre columns powered by sustainable energy through photovoltaic panels. A light display comprised of several thirty second light sequences throughout the day, and one fifteen minute sequence at night. Various light display sequences are triggered by sensors on a footpath leading up to the artwork.

photo credit: Adam Lawrenson