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RENEWABLE ENERGY ART is a fairly new genre that either incorporates renewable energy into the design of the artwork, or utilizes renewable energy to operate kinetic aspects of the artwork. LAGI's approach is a direct response to global climate change and aims to make an explicit intervention at a functional level without compromising aesthetics.
Drzach & Suchy
Charles Quick
Ray & Charles Eames

Drzach & Suchy
Drzach & suchy
Drzach & Suchy have created Piksol (a solar pixel) that enables the creation of arbitrary patterns and images on building facades as they collect solar energy. The solar modules are attached to a south-facing building facade at their side edge so that they cast a shadow below and are arranged as the pixels of an image. During the day as the sun moves across the sky, the shadow created by the many piksols completes the image. They can be arranged at 45 degree angles so that one image shows during the morning and another in the afternoon.

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image by Drzach & Suchy