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PUBLIC ART encompasses any work of art that an artist has created to be displayed, heard or performed in a public space. Although the oldest and most common forms of public art are monuments, memorials and statues, contemporary public art comprises a wide range of methodologies, forms and content. Public art ranges in scope from large-scale, commissioned works, which require significant collaboration amongst artists, funders and governmental agencies to implement, to independently executed small-scale works that require little to no funding. Public artworks may be site-specific, exhibited in non-conventional spaces or may alter the common function of a space. Approaches to contemporary public art include interactive art, guerilla art, sound art, community-based projects, and performance.
Circus Amok
Stephen Vitiello
Adrian Piper
Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla
Richard Serra
Maya Lin

Circus amok
Circus amok
Circus Amok is a New York City based performance/circus group who provides “free public art addressing contemporary issues of social justice to the people of New York City.” Their strategy of utilizing traditional circus techniques such as juggling, tight rope walking, clowning, and stilt walking creates an accessible and entertaining environment for discussing serious contemporary political issues in public spaces. The group has been together since 1989 and performs in diverse neighborhoods from East New York to the East Village.


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