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ECO-ART is a contemporary art movement that addresses local and global environmental issues. In their work, eco-artists explore a variety of ideas and intentions, which may include environmental ethics, information about ecological systems and the use of natural forms and materials in art. Some eco-art is functional, striving to reclaim, restore or remediate damaged environments. Eco-art can re-envision ecological relationships and even propose new models for sustainability.
Mark Dion
Andrea Polli
Freya Bardell
Chris Drury
Betsy Damon

Chris Drury
Chris Drury
Over the past thirty years, British artist Chris Drury has created artworks that explore the connections between the phenomena of "nature and culture, inner and outer, microcosm and macrocosm." Despite his versatility, Drury is perhaps most celebrated for his "cloud chambers." These structures are circular stone shelters that function as camera obscuras (darkened interior spaces in which images of external objects, received through an aperture, are projected on to a corresponding surface) in which the environment outside is projected onto the interior floor of the chambers.

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