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ECO-ART is a contemporary art movement that addresses local and global environmental issues. In their work, eco-artists explore a variety of ideas and intentions, which may include environmental ethics, information about ecological systems and the use of natural forms and materials in art. Some eco-art is functional, striving to reclaim, restore or remediate damaged environments. Eco-art can re-envision ecological relationships and even propose new models for sustainability.
Mark Dion
Andrea Polli
Freya Bardell
Chris Drury
Betsy Damon

Ann T. Rosenthal
Freya Bardell
Freya Bardell, based in Los Angeles, California works collaboratively on sustainable design and art projects that are often collaborative. The project show abobe is titled "Hot Air" and is a collaboration with Marcos Luytens. They describe the project in these words, "Methane is one of the most damaging greenhouse gases. This methane collector, commissioned for a Toyota Prius commercial, highlights the need to look for alternative fuel solutions. A whimsical project that toyed with the idea of a ranch where people harvest waste streams for alternative fuels."

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ARTIST TEAM: Marcos Lutyens with Freya Bardell
MEDIA: Sail cloth, fans, cows and people